Extension information API

The extension information API allows for the fetching of extension information (who'd've guessed?).

To get an extension's information, send a request to the following URL:

GET http://waveextensions.org/api/v0/info.json?parameters

Parameter Description
id (REQUIRED) The ID of the extension whose information you are requesting

The response will contain the following properties:

Property Description
String id The ID of the extension
String type The type of extension (“gadget” or “robot”)
Object developer
String email The developer's e-mail address
String nickname The developer's display name
String title The extension's name
String description The extension's description in plain text, as entered by the developer
String htmlDescription The extension's description with markdown converted to HTML
String iconURL The URL of the extension's icon in the gallery
String gadgetURL The URL of the gadget XML file (if the extension is not a gadget, this is null)
String robotAddress The wave address of the robot (if the extension is not a robot, this is null)