Top Productivity Extensions

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    MindMap CrimsonCactus

    2 ratings

    A Mindmap gadget which allows for collaborative editing of hierarchical data and ideas, including icons, import and export to freemind, voting and drag & drop.

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    1 rating

    TO Record Measurements of the clients

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    Task Board

    1 rating

    SCRUM Task Board.

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    Rizzoma Spreadsheet

    1 rating

    We want tables, so the Rizzoma devs gave us... tables!

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    Word Network

    1 rating

    Collaborate on a linking words together and organizing concepts. Double Click on any word to link it to another or double click on the background to c...

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    0 ratings

    ScrumPoker for consensus-based estimation.

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    Vector Editor

    0 ratings

    This gadget is useful for creating graphics. Shapes can be added, resized, moved, and rotated. The application supports Lines, Freeform, Polygons, Rec...

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    0 ratings

    Lets you insert various charts into wave.

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    Strategy Planning Tools

    0 ratings

    Strategy Planning Tools.

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    Diagram Editor

    0 ratings

    Create cool diagrams (UML, BPMN, EPC, FMC, etc.) together with your friends in Google Wave!

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    0 ratings

    Allows to maintain a taskboard, as in Scrum, with basic operations such as Create a User Story, a task, delete them, change the statuses of the tasks and assign them.

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    Retro Chat

    2 ratings

    Chat room gadget for old-fashioned IMing in Wave. Source

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    0 ratings

    Adds a progress bar to the wave that can be used to show how far a project or checkpoint has to go.

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    MindMap ConceptDraw

    0 ratings

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a variety of presentation, input, and output solutions that make creating and sharing map content simple and effective.