Top Utility Extensions

  1. gadget


    2 ratings

    es coll

  2. gadget

    iFrame - no borders

    2 ratings

    Insert iFrame DISCRETLY into a wave.

  3. gadget

    Word Cloud

    1 rating

    Add words and ideas into a collaborative word cloud.

  4. gadget

    Code Snippet

    1 rating

    Paste and edit snippets of code within your waves, including syntax highlighting for over 20 languages. Uses SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev.

  5. gadget

    No Edit - with no text

    1 rating

    DISCRETLY prevent the edition of your blip.

  6. gadget


    1 rating

    Insert IFRAME directly in to a wave.

  7. gadget

    Checky the Checklist

    1 rating

    Basecamp-like to-do checklists with drag and drop.

  8. gadget


    1 rating

    Insert HTML code directly in to a wave.

  9. gadget


    0 ratings

    Turns a wave into an auction by displaying a field that lets the participants bid. It shows the picture and name of the highest bidder so far and the highest bid.

  10. gadget

    Code Prettifier

    0 ratings

    A Gadget that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in Google Wave.

  11. gadget

    Views tracker

    0 ratings

    A small gadget that when added to a wave tracks wave views. You can display the number of views with Views Counter Display gadget.

  12. gadget


    0 ratings

    Collaborate on a virtual pinwand. Add text, images, video, comments and many more.

  13. gadget

    No Edit

    0 ratings

    Kindly ask readers to not edit your blip.

  14. gadget URL Shortener

    0 ratings

    Shorten URLs with, the Google URL shortener.

  15. gadget

    Rizzoma LaTeX

    0 ratings

    Simple visualization of various LaTeX equations.

  16. gadget

    Google Translate

    0 ratings

    Google Translation gadget can translate between common languages in the world.

  17. gadget


    0 ratings

    The Napkin Gadget is a blank canvas for collaborative doodling.

  18. gadget


    0 ratings

    The AccuWeather Wave Gadget is the perfect companion for trip planning. Select a location and date, and the gadget will return a forecast.

  19. gadget

    Views counter display

    0 ratings

    A display for the views tracker gadget. When added to a wave with the tracker gadget - displays how many times the wave was viewed.

  20. gadget

    Unit Converter

    0 ratings

    Easily convert various units to different measurement systems. Type your value, click the convert button and get the results instantly.